How Addiction Treatment Has Ushered in a Third Wave

Harm Reduction Therapy uses many of the same concepts as other substance abuse treatment plans. HRT is part of a program known as the Third Wave. This substance abuse treatment program and the methods it uses work to effectively curtail substance abuse. Harm Reduction The Harm Reduction program focuses on healing outside of the criminal justice system. It works by using whatever health-based methods necessary to reduce the harm caused by the drug addiction. Anyone who seeks treatment under this program can receive it, no matter what stage of addiction they may be involved in. Treatment can range according to the exact needs of the patient. Psychotherapeutic and psychological … Continue reading

6 Ways to Enjoy an Addiction-Free Life

Overcoming substance abuse is a huge challenge, but it can be achieved by shifting focus to a consistent activity. The following solutions can help redirect your attention toward goals that lead to a healthier lifestyle: Related: How to Stay Motivated to Recover From Addiction Get Physically Fit Physical fitness is one of the best paths to recovery since everyone needs good exercise to stay healthy. Participating in team sports can also raise your energy level and boost your ambition. It’s a great way to learn and practice self-discipline. Work with a Mentor Sometimes people need to work with a mentor who understands the struggles of substance abuse. The best … Continue reading

Carcinogens in E-Cigs: Stay Alert Before You Vape

Vaping, also known as smoking while using an e-cigarette instead of a normal one, has become wildly popular because of information stating that it’s much less dangerous than smoking normal cigarettes and that people who Vape can smoke inside bars and restaurants because the secondhand smoke from the e-cigarette is just vapor and harmless. But a new study from Japan has proven otherwise. Related: Stop Smoking Today: New Beginnings for a Better Tomorrow Carcinogens in e-Cigarettes There was a recent study conducted by scientists in Japan for the Japanese Health Ministry to figure out what exactly is being released by the vapor from e-cigarettes and the results were startling. … Continue reading

Redefine a New You with Exercise During Recovery!

Exercise can play an integral role in growing stronger and healthier during addiction recovery. Regular workouts allow you to lose weight, increase tone and definition, and gain strength, all while improving your mental stamina to stick with the recovery process. It isn’t easy to start a new exercise regimen during recovery. However, once you get started, you won’t want to stop. The following details just a few of the key advantages of exercise during addiction recovery. Related: Can Exercises Help Deal With Addiction Physical detox During addiction withdrawal, the last thing that most recovering addicts want to do is exercise. With frequent headaches, insomnia, and nausea, why would you … Continue reading

Enrich Your Relationship with Honesty This Valentine’s Day!

It can be very tempting early on in a relationship to be economical with the truth to make you look better to your new partner. We all do it, and often you both settle down to an open honesty that is healthy for your relationship. However, dating when in the grip of addiction, or even when undergoing recovery can be a minefield, leading to manipulative or even emotionally or physically abusive behavior. The good news is that the counseling you undergo during recovery gives you the tools to examine patterns and learn how to break them. Related: Love Yourself: Get Rid of Addiction This Valentine’s Day Talk it out … Continue reading