New Research Reveals Unbelievable Cause of Addiction

The war on drugs saw a lot of propaganda, based on a very narrow experiment that did not take into account many important variables. What seemed like the logical conclusion, that drugs created a physical dependency, an addiction that would require serious drug treatment therapy to overcome, if you ever overcame it. Related: The Sober Truth: 5 Reasons Why to Rethink Rehab The Original Experiment The well-known experiment used a single rat in a drag cage by itself. It was given two water sources, one that was just water and the other containing a hard drug, such as cocaine. Over time the rat would only drink the water with … Continue reading

Does Addiction Lead to Depression and Suicide?

Watching a loved one deal with addiction can be extremely difficult. When the addiction becomes so severe that depression and thoughts of suicide threaten to steal away that person’s life, the torment felt by loved ones can be overwhelming. With close to 40,000 deaths per year attributed to suicide, the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. You can help a person make the decision to seek drug rehab in San Diego as a solution. Related: Emerging Out of Depression and Substance Abuse: The Key Steps How Can Loved Ones Help Loved ones often try to help their family members deal with the ugliness of addiction. One of the things they … Continue reading

5 Troubling Signs Reveal When You Need Addiction Treatment

No family loves seeing one of its members struggling with any form of addiction. Whether it is drug or alcohol addiction, or gambling and other forms of addictions, the mental anguish that the entire family suffers is horrible. Some families ignore the addiction that a son, daughter or parent is suffering, only to regret later when the situation worsens. Regardless of what you think, eventually the family has to deal with the addiction. One way of dealing with the addiction involves identifying the best inpatient rehab centers and taking the patient there for treatment. Related: Alcoholism Rehab Centers: The Best Time to Seek Treatment Is Now What to Expect … Continue reading

How Addiction Treatment Has Ushered in a Third Wave

Harm Reduction Therapy uses many of the same concepts as other substance abuse treatment plans. HRT is part of a program known as the Third Wave. This substance abuse treatment program and the methods it uses work to effectively curtail substance abuse. Harm Reduction The Harm Reduction program focuses on healing outside of the criminal justice system. It works by using whatever health-based methods necessary to reduce the harm caused by the drug addiction. Anyone who seeks treatment under this program can receive it, no matter what stage of addiction they may be involved in. Treatment can range according to the exact needs of the patient. Psychotherapeutic and psychological … Continue reading

6 Ways to Enjoy an Addiction-Free Life

Overcoming substance abuse is a huge challenge, but it can be achieved by shifting focus to a consistent activity. The following solutions can help redirect your attention toward goals that lead to a healthier lifestyle: Related: How to Stay Motivated to Recover From Addiction Get Physically Fit Physical fitness is one of the best paths to recovery since everyone needs good exercise to stay healthy. Participating in team sports can also raise your energy level and boost your ambition. It’s a great way to learn and practice self-discipline. Work with a Mentor Sometimes people need to work with a mentor who understands the struggles of substance abuse. The best … Continue reading