4 Ways to Ensure a Guilt-Free Recovery

People who are recovering from addiction and entering drug rehab programs can suffer from various degrees of guilt as they begin the long process of healing. Some feel ashamed of what they have done, while others are embarrassed for having forced their families to endure their behaviors. It is extremely important that people face the feelings of the guilt they have and immediately begin to put them into perspective. Related: 5 Tips to Overcome Fear During Addiction Recovery Address the Guilt – Everyone makes mistakes. It can be difficult to accept the fact that our mistakes took a devastating toll on our family and friends. The guilt of knowing … Continue reading

Physical, Mental Illness Coexists in A Third of U.S. Teens

Substance abuse is seen as a major issue among teens in the United States. However, there is another issue that is just as alarming. A new study shows that 33 percent of teens between 13 and 18 years old suffer from both physical and mental illness. The study was conducted at the University of Basel. Some of these disorders were linked with specific medical conditions. For example, eating disorders were most likely associated with seizure and anxiety disorders, heart disease, and arthritis. Depression for example, occurs more often with digestive disorders. These are other factors to consider before you or someone you know thinks about attending substance abuse rehab. … Continue reading

How to Master Decision Making While Addiction Recovery

Entering drug rehab treatment is the first of many decisions that a person recovering from addiction has to make. The fact that they need such a program indicates there has been at least one period of bad decision-making in the past and it might be the perfect time to master a more effective decision-making model for the future. The following steps will help you to do just that. You can use the process as it concerns seeking drug rehab treatment and then see how this decision can help you not only maintain sobriety but also make decisions in many other areas of life. Decide to be open and honest … Continue reading

How Love is Extraordinarily Similar to Cocaine Addiction

Have you ever been in love? Or at the very least, so seriously hung up on a new partner that all reason and rational behavior seems to be beyond your capabilities? The dopamine rush of those heady first weeks with someone new – and the accompanying feelings of invincibility and euphoria aren’t just similar to cocaine addiction; they have direct links. What Do Love and Addiction Have in Common? If you’re a recovering addict, or about to start your drug addiction treatment journey, reading that love and addiction affect the brain in a similar way may make you apprehensive about starting new relationships. Especially if you know that thrill-seeking … Continue reading

Quit Addiction: The Best Way to Honor Your Mother Who Inspires

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year instead of giving your mom something with monetary value, give her something that she’ll cherish forever: quitting your addiction. Regardless of the nature of your addiction, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start taking steps toward quitting. The first step toward quitting an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Facing this reality can be really tough, but it’s essential for making a change. You have to acknowledge the issue and then commit to breaking the addiction to improve your life. For example, maybe you’re drinking to treat anxiety and depression. It’s time to seek healthy solutions to … Continue reading

It’s April: Say ‘NO’ to Alcohol This Awareness Month

You may think that binge drinking amongst the young is the stuff of trash television and teenage films, but kids in the USA are starting as young as 12, and the under 21s are responsible for the consumption of approximately 11% of all alcohol consumed across the country, and usually in binge sessions. Alcohol Awareness Month is the perfect time to examine alcohol use and misuse, and there’s nothing better this April than using the month to say a firm “No”. Now in its 29th year, the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD) are focusing on the young in 2015, and state and nationwide events will focus … Continue reading

New Research Reveals Unbelievable Cause of Addiction

The war on drugs saw a lot of propaganda, based on a very narrow experiment that did not take into account many important variables. What seemed like the logical conclusion, that drugs created a physical dependency, an addiction that would require serious drug treatment therapy to overcome, if you ever overcame it. Related: The Sober Truth: 5 Reasons Why to Rethink Rehab The Original Experiment The well-known experiment used a single rat in a drag cage by itself. It was given two water sources, one that was just water and the other containing a hard drug, such as cocaine. Over time the rat would only drink the water with … Continue reading