Heroin Addiction Reaches Alarming Levels in America

Everybody knows how dangerous the drug heroin is – at least everybody who is in their teens or older. However, what you may not realize is that heroin is a drug that is still prevalent in the United States. In fact, it’s actually growing in popularity, and heroin addiction is reaching alarming levels in the country. While you might be familiar with the fact that heroin is an addictive drug, most people don’t really understand how the drug works or why people become so addicted to. Most people don’t even know that it doesn’t take more than using the drug once or twice, especially if you do it in … Continue reading

Stopping Enablement of Your Addicted Loved One: A Reflection

There is no doubt that many people all over the world enable loved ones who have drug or alcohol addiction issues in a number of different ways. This is a cycle that has to stop! For you to get your addicted loved one help with treatment and recovery, the first step is to give them a much-needed dose of tough love coupled with drug treatment therapy. Related: Tips to Convince a Loved One to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment Here are 5 effective strategies to use to stop enabling your loved one’s addiction: Learn about addiction: It is important that you educate yourself about substance abuse and addiction. It … Continue reading

The Rapid and Dangerous Consequences of Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol overdose is a cause for thousands of deaths per year. One of the biggest dangers of getting drunk is that people forget when to stop to the point alcohol addiction becomes a problem. Musician and singer Phil Collins recently admitted he nearly lost his life due to alcohol and prescription drug abuse. He was helped by professionals who blend traditional and visionary approaches together. Here are the main reasons why alcohol addiction can be destructive to yourself and others. Related: 4 Hard Facts About Alcohol Consumption Risks of Alcohol Overdose Toxic BAC level is reached depending on the following factors: Gender: Men metabolize alcohol faster than women Age: … Continue reading

Apprising Your Kids About Dangers of Drug Abuse This Halloween

Drug abuse is something that every parent of a pre-teen or teenager fears. While we might think that drugs aren’t in our community, the truth is that even the best neighborhoods and school districts have drugs, and chances are our children will be exposed to them at some point in their adolescence. Related: Taking a Pledge Against Drug Abuse That’s why it’s so important that parents do everything they can to teach children about the dangers of drugs. These teachings are especially important at times like Halloween when kids are having fun with friends and otherwise celebrating. Use this guide to help you teach your children about the dangers … Continue reading

Phil Collins Manages to Recover from Near Fatal Alcohol Dependence

Rock star Phil Collins, famous for his singing and drumming as a solo artist and frontman for Genesis, recently told the British news publication The Daily Mail that alcohol and prescription drug addiction nearly killed him. Collins, who has earned multiple Grammy awards and has sold millions of albums, retired from show business in 2010. After a third divorce and health problems he became depressed and turned to alcohol and various pills. Medical Prescriptions Collins had developed tendon problems from many years as a drummer. He also suffered from deafness in one ear and a dislocated vertebrae. As a result, he was given various medical prescription drugs that he … Continue reading