The Sober Truth: 5 Reasons Why to Rethink Rehab

A lot of people in the United States suffer from a drug problem at one point in their life, and most need help to get the problem under control. After all, it’s just not something that most people can do on their own. That’s where drug rehabilitation facilities come into play for most people. However, if you’re running a drug rehabilitation facility, chances are you know you may need to improve it from to time. New research can give you some new options, so use this guide to improve the state of your drug rehabilitation facility so you can do the best for your patients. Treat Addiction Properly Addiction … Continue reading

National Drug Facts Week: Engaging People to Empower Life

Just right around the corner is National Drug Facts Week, which helps promote better education on drug abuse and addiction among teens and how a community as a whole can prevent future drug abuse or addiction When It Starts Starting on January 26 and running until February 2, National Drug Facts Week holds various events throughout the United States with scientific experts reaching out to teenagers on the effects of drug abuse. This is a great opportunity for teens, and even adults, to learn more about the myths surrounding drugs and how they directly damage the brain and motor functions. Related: Why National Recovery Month Is Celebrated The Effect … Continue reading

Love Your Liver: 5 Reasons How Alcohol Can Ruin It

Taking care of yourself means knowing exactly your weaknesses and strengths but this can be difficult for anyone, but especially for those suffering from addiction. If you or a loved one happens to be suffering from alcohol addiction, they need to begin to learn about loving their liver, their mind, and their body. One of the best ways is through learning about the main five reasons how they are ruining their health with addiction. Alcohol Addiction & Withdrawal The biggest health concern in terms of alcohol addiction is the withdrawal stage. In severe cases, withdrawal can lead to death or near fatal symptoms. In most rehab centers, a small … Continue reading

5 Myths About Drug and Alcohol Rehab Worth Debunking

For addicts and their loved ones, rehabilitation is an exciting but scary process. Many people don’t know what to expect or have misconceptions based on rehab facilities in movies and TV shows. The following details just a few of the most common drug and alcohol rehab myths and why they aren’t true: Rehabilitation can cure addiction. Addiction brings about physiological changes in the brain that cannot be reversed through sheer willpower. Addicts need well thought out, long term strategies to achieve lasting sobriety. Related: Top 5 Rehab Myths Debunked Rehabilitation is a relatively short process. There is no easy fix for substance addiction. Addicts who remain in rehab for … Continue reading

Stop Smoking Today: New Beginnings for a Better Tomorrow

Around this time of year, all over the world, smokers make a resolution every January to kick their smoking habit. However, most are unable to keep their resolution. If you can identify with this, here are some facts about smoking and why it pays to quit this habit naturally and once in for all. The Ills of Smoking Did you know smoking is the main cause of preventable deaths in the United States? Each year 392,000 American die due to smoking-related diseases and another 8.6 million people have one or more serious health problems brought on by smoking. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders and strokes … Continue reading