Show Gratitude to Your Counselors This Thanksgiving

On the eve of Thanksgiving, many people focus on preparing festivities for family and friends and thanking God for the blessing in their lives. Amidst this busy time of year, few individuals take the time to show gratitude toward the people who helped them through their dark days of addiction. Drug counselors help patients through some of their lowest points, transitioning them into sober lifestyles. They must establish good rapport with their patients in order to provide proper support, education, and neutral confrontation. A patient must feel as though he or she has an ally who understands the struggle and the need for support. This year make a special … Continue reading

Seeking Treatment: A Complete Checklist You Will Need

Substance abuse is a serious problem in the United States and all over the world. In fact, it is one of the leading problems in many parts of the country, where drug offenses top the list of reasons why people: are in jail, awaiting trial or homeless. What most people won’t tell you about drug addiction is that wanting to get clean is normal, even when you’re using it’s just hard to get there. There are treatment options available to you though, and it is something you can work through when you’re ready. However, substance abuse treatment can be difficult for a lot of people and you have to … Continue reading

OxyContin Addiction: Key Signs and Treatment Options

OxyContin is an opiate based painkiller that physicians prescribe to patients who are suffering from severe pain as a result of illness, injury, or surgery recovery. OxyContin addiction is one of the most rapidly growing drug problems in the United States. Due to its addictive, intense nature, OxyContin causes many people to lose everything in their lives from close relationships to jobs. Addictive nature The inherent opiate quality of OxyContin makes it addictive, even when taken in regular doses. However, when people abuse it, such as snorting it, crushing it, or mixing it with a liquid and injecting it, the drugs become extremely dangerous. Taking an entire dosage in … Continue reading

The Horrifying Consequences of Opiate Addiction

The National Summit Survey revealed new and horrifying information on prescription drugs. For example, there has been a high death total linked to opiate overdoses over the last 30 years, a very alarming stat. Despite that stat, there is a small myth and incorrect information about these drugs. Here are some facts about opiates and being addicted. Please consider these facts if you are going to opiates rehab. Long Release Pills Cause a High Overdose Risk Large pills often result in an accidental overdose such as the FDA approved Zohydro, an opiate pain medication. While it would seem that you could take a big pill to ease the pain … Continue reading

Heroin Addiction Reaches Alarming Levels in America

Everybody knows how dangerous the drug heroin is – at least everybody who is in their teens or older. However, what you may not realize is that heroin is a drug that is still prevalent in the United States. In fact, it’s actually growing in popularity, and heroin addiction is reaching alarming levels in the country. While you might be familiar with the fact that heroin is an addictive drug, most people don’t really understand how the drug works or why people become so addicted to. Most people don’t even know that it doesn’t take more than using the drug once or twice, especially if you do it in … Continue reading