Understanding the Significance of Hobbies in Recovery

Don’t underestimate the value of hobbies in the recovery process. A complex process, recovery involves far more than abstaining from the use of substances. It also involves recovering the parts of self-lost to addiction and learning how to live life differently. However, as important as hobbies are to successful recovery, they can be used as a replacement for the substance, resulting not in a true recovery, but merely an exchange of one addiction for another. Help Achieve Short-Term Recovery Goals Hobbies can be an invaluable part of achieving short-term recovery goals. In the early days of sobriety, keeping the mind and body busy is important. Hobbies can make it … Continue reading

Why Pharmacy Shopping Is to Blame for Painkiller Overdoses

Pharmacy shopping has become increasingly popular with individuals who abuse painkillers. It is now considered to be one of the leading causes of painkiller overdoses. Much like doctor shopping, where people visit as many doctors as possible to get prescriptions for painkillers and other medications, people who pharmacy shop frequent several pharmacies to get them filled without being detected. Opiates rehab facilities are seeing more and more cases where pharmacy shopping has played a role in the person’s addiction. Too Many Prescriptions Painkiller overdoses often occur because the person is able to fill more prescriptions than they should. They get the additional prescriptions by visiting several doctors with the … Continue reading

Things to Look Out for Before Signing a Recovery Contract

Drug rehab centers can do wonders for addicts. However, once the addiction program is over and the person comes home, the rest of the family has to support and help in preventing the addict from a relapse. This is where a recovery contract can prove to be extremely beneficial. What’s a Recovery-Contract? It is an agreement that clearly states what you expect from your loved one and what he should expect from you. All expectations and penalties for not meeting those expectations are while the recovering addict is living with you. Such a contract can keep your loved one and you on track and aids in complete de-addiction process. … Continue reading

Is Exposure to Alcohol Ads a Bad Influence on Minors?

Many countries are now banning alcohol advertisements in public places, especially near schools. This has started a debate on whether minors are adversely influenced when exposed to alcohol advertisements. While opponents claim otherwise, proponents of the ban feel it does affect minors in a bad way. So, what’s the truth amidst all this hype? The Purpose of Alcohol Advertisements Alcohol advertisements are primarily meant to influence our choice of alcohol and not how we drink alcohol. This is the reason alcohol manufacturers don’t advertise their products on television when minors viewership is high. On the other hand, when the age of the viewers increase, those programs do allow alcohol … Continue reading

Symptoms and Treatment of Psychological Withdrawal

There are two types of withdrawal during the early stages of recovery: acute psychical withdrawal and post-acute psychological withdrawal. While an individual is actively addicted, the brain becomes reliant on substances for specific chemical processes, which affects how the individual thinks and feels. Part of the recovery process includes the mind readjusting to a normal homeostasis. Symptoms While physical withdrawal symptoms last around three days to one week, psychological symptoms may persist for as long as two years. Although the psychological symptoms can be long lasting, they become less severe over time. If you enroll in a reputable drug treatment program for your recovery, you’re much less likely to … Continue reading

4 Drug Policy Changes Point to a Ceasefire Over War on Drugs

The nationwide poll conducted by the PEW Research Center suggests nearly two-thirds of Americans support treatment over imprisonment, and those who espouse policy changes are calling for more comprehensive legislation. Currently, there are four path-breaking U.S. policies that may soon change the landscape of our approach towards drug abuse, public safety and imprisonment. The Decriminalization of Addiction The best examples of decriminalization of addiction are the changes of state-level marijuana laws that happened recently. However, decriminalization is also taking shape in nationwide policies and practices that call for treatment rather than imprisonment. Many attorneys across the US now openly support the belief that addiction treatment is preferable to lengthy … Continue reading

Teens Being Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs Without Diagnosis

Prescription drugs have helped an overwhelming number of people in the United States and all over the world deal with mental health issues. By default, many of those individuals are children and teens. However, there is now some evidence, more than before, that too large of a portion of America’s teens are being prescribed serious prescription drugs without evaluation from mental health professionals. This can cause some serious problems for teenagers who are still developing and study in school to build a future for themselves. Perhaps the worst part about this trend is the fact that teens are being prescribed psychotropic drugs with considerable effects. Keep reading to learn … Continue reading