Tips to Convince a Loved One to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Observing your loved one progress down the slippery slope of addiction is heart wrenching. Once you have overcome the first stage of detecting an underlying problem, you need to take the appropriate steps and influence the individual to get help and regain their normal life.

  1. Family intervention is effective because your loved one will see the effects of their substance or alcohol abuse. Express your love, listen intently and confide in them for a good result with drug and alcohol treatment.
  2. Track down former addicts who would be willing to speak to your loved one with a proactive approach. When someone has struggled with addiction and has overcome it, they can talk to the person with the problem and give them inspiration and hope by sharing their firsthand experiences.
  3. Discover why your loved one does not want help. Individuals with alcohol and drug addiction commonly refuse assistance, but by devoting time into finding out what the issue is, you can push past it and determine the right solution.
  4. Act as a shoulder to cry on rather than lecturing the person. There is nothing more frustrating and patronizing than being talked at. Your loved one wants to connect with you and feel as though they can open up to you, and by unleashing their fears through talking to them, you can get one step closer.
  5. Warn them of the consequences. Drug and alcohol abuse can ruin lives and the aftermath can be cardiovascular problems, nervous system complications, poverty or even death. Convincing the person in this way will open up their eyes.
  6. Offer support throughout the process. The main reason why addicts are reluctant to get help is because they fear failure. Showing them you are willing to stand by their side during and after drug and alcohol treatment will motivate them to lead a sober, drug-free life.
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Tips to Convince a Loved One to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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